Friday, 25 October 2013

[RWBY] 1:1 Scaled RWBY Prop Templates

As I'm sure this will be of great help to others, I'd thought I’d make available my 1:1 Scaled plans for the team RWBY weapons.
This is very much my way of saying thanks for the support, both on here and on the DeviantArt page where I currently put up a lot of my work in progress pics between projects.

To download the templates, simply follow the link below:
Download RWBY Cosplay Prop Template

And clicking the “Download File” Button on the right hand side of the page column, you should end up with a zip file that once extracted contains four PDF’s, within and instructions on how to use them.

Here's to looking forward to what you guys can do, and hope you enjoy making them as much as I had mine.

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

[RWBY] Adam's Mask

To compliment to the forth coming Wilt and Blush gunsword I've decided to do a quick build for the mask of the weapon's owner Adam.

To begin this build I first cut out and transferred the template of the mask base to the EVA foam gym mat and with the aid of a steel ruler and hobby knife set about cutting the templates out carefully.


For the eye slits I found using a hobby knife set with interchangeable heads came in really handy and allowed me to do precise cuts for the slots. 

A similar cutting process was done for the forehead section of the mask, with all the separate pieces being super glued to one another and eventually to the base mask plus a thin sliver of wonderflex for added depth.

For the ears of the mask those were cut out from sheets of PVC with the usage of ordinary scissors and cleaned up the edges with sandpaper.


These ears were then heat treated with a heat gun and bent a fraction before being and attached to the rest of the mask with super glue, be sure to act fast when bending but do be careful as the material may still be fairly hot.

Starting off the next stage of this build comes sealing the foam mask base with a 1:1 mixture of ordinary wood glue and water.

Coating the foam pieces in this mixture and allowing them to dry between coats, hardens the foam surface slightly, but more importantly seals and creates a thin layer on the foam that greatly helps paint adhere to it better later on.


I can not stress how important this stage is to the end result when working with foam, hence why I like to do 5 to 10 separate coats minimum.


From there, the back of the mask has a thin strip of elastic epoxied to it which allows it be worn by human head. Be sure to include a bit of slack in the length such that the mask comfortably rests on your face and isn’t crushing your head or deforming its shape.


The last major parts to deal with are the ornate designs on the mask itself. Using the templates again, I meticulously cut them out of wondeflex carefully super glued them to the surface of the mask.


Take great care with this part as you get only one shot with super glue and symmetry is very easy to mess up if one piece is slightly out of place. Trust me.


With that ordeal out of the way its now just a matter of the paint job, with first one of grey primer followed by two of acrylic flat white spray paint.


With the base white dry i then went over with an airbrush around the edging to add some depth to the mask.


and lastly some red and crimson done with acrylics for the ears and enamel hobby paints for the details in on face.


Thanks for Reading.